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Strip mall end cap

Neighborhood Bistro

Trade Area

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Free standing building - The 3750 - 4750 sq. ft. restaurant on a lot size of approximately one to one and a half acre if real estate is included.  This restaurant is designed to accommodate high traffic, densely populated areas with a strong combination of residential and commercial activity that attracts major generators (malls, large department stores, hospitals, office complexes,etc).




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Strip mall end cap - 2500 - 4000 sq. ft.  This type restaurant can be built in either a high traffic or neighborhood market.  The end cap of a retail center in a high traffic area with parking for curbside delivery or a smaller community with strong residential backup will dictate the size of the building and the demographics of market served.  This type restaurant could either be a conversion of an existing building or new a building that requires leasehold construction.   





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This neighborhood concept is somewhat more intimate in nature and is typically situated in markets that feature specialty retail shops and strip centers located near schools, small medical facilities, clinics and other specialized services where there is dense residential backup.  These areas are generally less dominated by the large commercial businesses and malls.  The building could require leasehold improvements or could be a  conversion of another business.  This restaurant has been designed for high volume take-out business.




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Restaurants must be located in centers or neighborhoods that attract large numbers of people, e.g. high-volume grocery stores, malls, strip retail centers, movies theaters, universities, office complexes, etc.

A three-mile radius should have dense residential population with a combination of apartments and single family housing.

Traffic counts of 30,000 to 50,000 are preferred.

Easy ingress/egress, near traffic lights, left turn-in, left turn-out preferred; convenient and ample parking adjacent to the restaurant (approximately 60 spaces in the immediate area with at least three spaces designated for curbside delivery).



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1. Strip Center end Cap

2. Free Standing Building

3. Excellent visibility to Main Traffic Arteries

4. Conversions of other buildings

5. Three to Four spaces designated for Curbside Take-Out Delivery

6. Residential Backup and Commercial Business in Area

 * Note:  Requirements may vary depending on existing site conditions




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Separate Metering, C. T. cabinet and a single fused disconnect without fuses for   120/280 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire,

600 amp capacity stubbed with two 3" conduit service feeders, including an isolated ground and sized per plan.


30 Tons of cooling capacity, roof penetration, roof curbs and vibration isolators.

Gas line to provide 3500 CHI services at 1/4 phi (3" line preferable)

Fire sprinkler service, backflow device, lateral lines and distribution of heads appropriate for restaurant.  Main riser,

backflow preventor and test station(s) should be located outside of shell.

4" sewer main (sanitary and grease).




Telephone and cable TV services and 2" conduit with pull string


Air intake for adjacent tents must be at least ten feet from the Arizona exhaust system. 



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